kiwi bird sound (male)

kiwi bird sound (female)

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The kiwi bird is New Zealand's national icon and part of our image world-wide.

It's a curious bird, the kiwi, it cannot fly, has loose, hair-like feathers and long whiskers. They stand about 16 inches high and the females weigh about 6 pounds, the males nearly 5 pounds. Largely nocturnal, it burrows in the ground, is the only bird known to have nostrils at the end of its bill and literally sniffs out food. It also has one of the largest egg-to-body weight ratios of any bird - the egg averages 15 per cent of the female's body weight (compared to two per cent for the ostrich). The kiwi is related to the ostrich of Africa, the emu of Australia and the now-extinct moa of New Zealand. Females are larger than males and with brown kiwi, the male does most of the egg incubating. Kiwis live in pairs and mate for life, sometimes as long as 30 years.

New Zealanders have been "Kiwis" since the days of the First World War. It's a nickname bestowed by fellow Australian soldiers, and it stuck. Today our identity as Kiwis is based around our national bird.
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